Personal Jacket:

Name: Bart Raymond van der Does
Birthday: November 16, 1990
Lenght: 1.84M
Place of residence: Castricum, the Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Shooting,

Below you can read my biography. My first activity in the sport of golf is written but also a little bit more about myself. After that I tell you something about my education and background. Then I’ll discuss my period as amateur golfer, professional golfer, tour caddie until the day of now.

Education: (more online soon)….
During my golf career my parents always support me to study beside my golf.
I’ve always been into computers when I was a kid. When I had to choose what program to follow during my college period. I chose IT – System Administrator.
After my college and successfully got my diploma as System Administrator I set up my own company: Van der Does ICT.
Since then I follow Microsoft MCSA/MCSE, CISCO CCNA, Apple jamf courses to keep my education up to date with the latest technology.

The Start:
I was born on 16 November 1990 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. I grew up with my family (Dad, mom & sister) in Alkmaar. Because my dad was an important bank man we traveled a lot, but also we moved to a lot of cities. When I was young I was into swimming, tennis and on the age of 10 it all started…. GOLF !

We had a summerhouse on island Ameland, north of the Netherlands next to the golf course. Witnessing my dad playing golf every day I felt the need to try out the sport one day myself. Paired up with my mom’s 7-iron I started hitting golf balls on the range.
6 weeks later the headpro had given me a few lessons and with my mom’s set I was hitting the course. 6 months later I passed my golf exam (theory and practical test) and was playing golf my dad & mom. My dad saw I had potential to become a very good golfer and he introduced me to a golf course close to our home to become a junior golf member and arranged lessons for me.

The amateur period:
After I started playing golf at Island Ameland g.c. I’ve moved to golfclub Spaarnwoude.
From here I started taking golf lessons and started to play competitive golf.
There was a coach named Ad Wessels who spotted me on the golfcourse and informed me that I had potential to become a very good golfer.
He said if I was interested I could visit him and work on my golf technique. At age of 15 I started playing local club matches and two years later I was playing on the Dutch junior tour. My dad brought me week in week out to several golfcourses and tournamens through the Netherlands.
But there came a time then I was old enough to drive a car and dad said… from now you can take the car can get yourself to your own tournaments. I was playing several national tournaments throughout the Netherlands. But when reaching age of 24 I decided it was time for the next level. PROFESSIONAL GOLF.

The professional period:
More online soon…

Tour caddie:
More online soon…

1990 – 2019:

Since 2018 I’m working as Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis.
As goal for 2019: “Playing more golf, less social media, become a better golf player!”