New website!!


Hi everyone! is back!!
For the last 15 years I’ve written a lot op articles and shared with you many many stories and news.

But Bart van der Does is back! With a whole new level of delivering the latest news to you.
For the last years social media (ex. Facebook, Twitter) has taken over people’s website.
For example the most famous golfplayers have integrated their social media accounts in their website. Keeping their fans more up to date with their daily proces.
And to be honest I’ve experienced this myself too. What I use to write on my website was a simple tweet or facebook page update.
But with all the latest privacy and GDPR rules and law changes I’ve decided to get ride most of my social media accounts and bringing my newsupdates back via my website.

A lot has changed over the years, as I am no longer a tour caddie anymore on the PGA European Tour. After the split up with my player José-Filipe Lima I decided that tour caddie is no future job for me anymore. As of today I am working as Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis. More about me and the last years you can read all about it in my “Biography” section of the page.

My new website will bring you the latest news in the golf world but also my experience as professional photographer, the deployments in the air force and my new hobbies.
Enough stuff to read and enjoy about. I hope you like my new page and come back often as in the back old days.
I would like to thank my faitfull followers who spent time reading my articles and sharing my feeds on the web. You have been a great support for the last 15 years!!

I hope you come back often and as allways…. ENJOY browsing.