Titleist TS drivers


The TS Project:

It began with a challenge on tour to generate more speed from every detail of the driver. After 2 years of creation the project is finished: The TS stands for Titleist Speed.The TS comes in 2 designs: TS2 & TS3.

Let’s start with the technology why the TS drivers are so much more improved with his predecessors.
The new speed chassis of the face will bring the future of Titleist Speed in your game.
So what makes it that generates more clubhead speed?

It’s the ultra-thin titanium crown allows the weight to be shifted lower and deeper.
The clubface was designed over the last two years and Titleist came with a new model face. The TS drivers have a more streamlined shape. Which results in reducing drag by 20% and because of that it increases more clubhead speed for more distance.

Titleist also put more effert in a thinner but faster face. Meaning the changes the type of grooves on the clubhead and increased the shape of the face for more forgiveness.

The TS drivers comes with optimised weight distribution. Refined crown and face thicknesses of the weights create more low CG (Center Gravity) for higher launch and lower spin.

The new Titleist TS drivers offer two designs that bring more speed to your golfgame. So let’s put that to the test.

Driving Range:
On the driving range I’m testing the new Titleist TS3 & TS2 and bring it to the test.

The TS2 lets you swing aggressive with maximum forgiveness accros the face
“Straight -speed”
Explosive distance cross the face and maximum forgiveness and able to adjust the swingweight with low & deep CG which results in High Launch & Low Spin.
The face comes in a modern style of 460cc clubhead.
Available loft options: 8,5 / 9,5 / 10.5 / 11.5 degrees and is a standaard 45.5″inch driver.

The TS3 offers an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance.
“Specialised – Speed”
This model is speed – tuned for distance and dynamic forgiveness. It also comes in adjustable swingweight with the Surefit CG. The TS3 has a mid launch & lower spin and again also in this model a 460cc clubhead.
Available loft options: 8,5 / 9,5 / 10,5 degrees.

I’ve tested both drivers on the driving range and felt the forgiveness of the club. There has put a huge amount of effort in to increase the technology of the club.
I do feel that the TS3 is a bit more difficult to hit compared to the TS2 model. When hitting the TS3 I had a lower ball flight but with more roll on the ball. I also felt it more comfortable to shape the club more (draw / fade etc.) compared with the TS2.

When hitting the TS2 I noticed increased carry distance and longer hanging time.
Personally I feel more comfortable when standing on the tee I like to hit a long drive with a long flight time & hanging time.  The Titleist TS drivers does deliver more speed and more forgiveness.
I’ve also compared both models to the Titleist 917 driver series. I noticed when hitting the balls the clubface is a lot thinner what makes a bit louder and harder sound coming off from the TS series. Because of that I noticed that there is 6 grams difference in the clubhead. The TS models are lighter and meaning they can generate more clubhead speed.

When I spoke to Titleist they informed me that the crown (top of the clubhead) is only 1mm thick! Also on the driving range I noticed the backend of the face is more steeper to generate more air velocity. The MOI is increased in the TS models and I’m indeed hitting longer then the 917 drivers by 12 yards.

Both drivers comes with a Surefit hosel which gives the player for about 16 different options to set the driver.
Overall I think it’s fantastic product and a must have driver replacement for older Titleist serie drivers. I can confirm and tell you it’s a must have upgrade to have in the bag!